Creative Projects

L-ISA Creative solutions have supported several creative events including theatre productions, sound art installations and an immersive dome, where the solutions provided both an improved sound quality and an extraordinary immersive experience.

The Antarctic Dome

Photo courtesy of Joshua Brott, Obscura Digital

“Despite the acoustical challenges of the dome shape, which became more significant because the speakers had to be mounted behind the projection screen, the end result was very impressive and enveloping. It was a great reward to see the big smiles on the audience’s faces as they left this once in a lifetime experience.”

— Sherif El Barbari, Head of Application at L-ISA

Description Of The Project :

The Antarctic Dome, Coachella 2017, California, April 2017

Sound Design Solution :

360 degree speaker configuration in 3 height layers shaping a dome

Top layer: 6x KIVA II
Mid layer: 12x X12
Lower layer: 12x 4 KIVA II
Near Fills: 24x 5XT
Subs: 4x 4 SB28

Setup :

Philippe Parreno: Anywhen

“This art project is the very first application using the new 3D capabilities of L-ISA. Speakers are deployed as a ceiling grid, which moves up and down according to control parameters. Sound objects are spatialised in real-time via OSC and plugin automation. We were very pleased to contribute to this large-scale installation in the famous Turbine Hall.”

— Guillaume Le Nost, Head of R&D at L-ISA

Description Of The Project :

Philippe Parreno: Anywhen, Turbine Hall, Tate Modern London, United Kingdom, October 2016 – April 2017

Sound Design Solution :

System height from stage: Variable
Step between speakers: 1.5 m
Immersive speakers: 84x 5XT
Low extensions: 8x SB18

Setup :

Puy du Fou – Le dernier Panache

“We wanted to offer something unique in the world with Le Dernier Panace. “The L‑ISA sound system gives the show not just originality, but more importantly, an exceptional and memorable experience to our visitors.”

— Nicolas de Villiers, president at Puy du Fou

Description Of The Project :

Le Dernier Panache, Puy du Fou, France, May 2016

Sound Design Solution :

System height from stage: 10.5 m
Step between speakers: 5.8 m
Scene speakers: 24 ARCS WiFo arrays
Low extensions: 8x SB18 (arrays flown)

Additional Coverage :

Front fills: 5XT
Subwoofers: SB28 (mono aux)

Setup :