The L‑ISA Live program was created to address the shortcomings of traditional dual mono / stereo / LCR sound design approaches. In order to assess the effectiveness of L‑ISA designs in combating these shortcomings, new metrics were added to Soundvision, L‑Acoustics’ proprietary acoustical and mechanical simulation program. These metrics include attributes associated with coverage performance (SPL max, SPL distribution and time), hyperrealism (spatial resolution and horizontal / vertical localization) and immersion (panorama and envelopment).


Soundvision by L‑Acoustics

The L‑ISA certification protocol not only helps designers to optimise their projects in performance terms but also allows them to understand the cost/benefit trade-offs of each configuration in terms which can easily be shared with and understood by the whole production team.

The new features in Soundvision provide ratings for:

  • The L‑ISA Zone, defined as the portion of the audience that benefits from a common experience of immersion and hyperrealism
  • SPL Max, the average of the maximum SPL over the entire audience, which allows equipment requirements to be defined objectively, along with their associated costs
  • SPL distribution, which assesses the quality of the audience Coverage when all speaker groups are in use
  • The time criterion is defined as the portion of the audience that shows good temporal integrity of the sound in relation to the respective contributions of the multiple speaker groups that radiate the same signal from different locations.
  • Spatial resolution, which is related to the number of speaker groups in the scene system and reflects the quality of separation between adjacent sound sources
  • Immersion, which combines panorama, a tangible parameter to express the width of the soundscape, and envelopment, the sense of being within the experience
  • Horizontal localization, which evaluates the ability of the sound design to align direct sound sources with the closest speakers in the horizontal plane
  • Vertical localization, which covers the ability of the sound design to fuse direct sound sources and the closest speakers in the vertical dimension

L‑ISA Live Certification Scores

L‑ISA certification scores are produced by Soundvision in an easy-to-understand format.

Audience Coverage

Shared, aligned: 68.6%
Shared, unaligned: 14%
Unshared: 17.4%

Covered: 100%

  1. SPL Max: 111.1 dBA
  2. SPL Distribution: 4.9 dB
  3. Time: 72.6%
  4. Spatial Resolution: 5
  5. Horizontal Localization: 90.8%
  6. Vertical Localization: 100%
  7. Immersion: 94.4%