Renaud: Phenix Tour

L-ISA Design L-ISA Design
Classic L/R Design Classic L/R Design
L-ISA Design L-ISA Design
Classic L/R Design Classic L/R Design
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“Renaud is known to his fans for the sentimentality of his songs.. Unfortunately, his voice has suffered over the years and is therefore rather delicate to treat in concert, especially when his lyrics are so important.It is paramount that the public understands every word he sings. With an L‑ISA system, I no longer have to blend Renaud in with the whole of the mix while trying to make him stand out. Instead, I have the tools hear him truly surrounded by his musicians and to restore the full musicality of his poetry.”

— Madje Malki, FOH for Renaud Phénix tour

Project Description

A 15-month tour of an iconic french artist that spanned between 2016 and 2017. L‑ISA configurations were deployed in all venues ranging from 5,000 to 10,000. This is the example for Zenith in Paris.

Sound Design Solution

A classic design would use a left-right configuration of 12 K2 per side.

The L‑ISA design solution consists of a scene system made of 5 speaker groups of 12 Kara, equally spaced above the performing zone.


For the Renaud Tour the production was looking for a sound design that would serve the show and make the audience feel at home with their favorite artist.

Madje, the sound engineer of Renaud met with the L‑ISA team to design a system layout natively reproducing: “Renaud surrounded by his musicians”

For the audio, an immediate benefit was a superior intelligibility so everyone could enjoy the lyrics of Renaud and sing along. Excellent fusion between the sound and the musicians on stage was obvious.

Great power of separation of the L‑ISA system meant the show ran at a lower SPL level than ever before which brought a great intimacy feel to it while avoiding listening fatigue even after a 3 hours set!

On the visual side, the system was far less obstructive than a classic L/R for the panoramic video and stage set which made production and the LD happy.

Technical Information

Venue 55 m deep x 70 m wide
Stage is 20m wide x 1.65 m high
Min trim height 7 m (above stage)

Sound Design Target

Program type Rock
SPL max average >= 108 dBA
SPL profile 1 Db / 10 m
Frequency contour 8 – 10 dB (@ 100hz)