Urban Voices: Nantes


“L-ISA live connects the sound with the visual image of the artists performing on stage. It allows every member of the audience optimum sound and consistency with what they are seeing, not just those in the seats located in the central axis of the scene.

It was a great opportunity to deploy the L-Acoustics system – acquired two years ago during an upgrade to the Cité’s PA – in a new configuration, that introduces the audience to a truly immersive experience.”

— Mickaël Sourisseau, La Cité Nantes Events Center’s technical manager


Urban Voices, La Cité Nantes Events Center, France, July 2016


System height 6.7 m (above stage)
Step between speakers 3.75 m
Scene speakers 5x KARA arrays
Immersive speakers 4x 12XT
Low extensions 2x SB18 arrays flown (L|R)

Additional Coverage

Front fills 8XT
Subwoofers SB28 (mono aux)