The Dimension Of Live Sound For Private & Corporate

Designed by audio industry visionary Dr. Christian Heil, L‑ISA solutions bring together ultra-high definition music, an immersive 24-channel audio platform and professional-grade loudspeakers to form the ultimate sound system.

The L‑ISA Sound Art Experience

In recent years, the astonishing improvements in speaker quality have exposed the quality of low-definition media, as well as demonstrating that even the best stereo systems can’t create the sense of being present at a live event.

L‑ISA Sound Art solutions therefore combine industry-leading psychoacoustic research, proprietary processing hardware and software-based audio tools with L‑Acoustics’ legendary loudspeakers to create systems for private use which envelop you in hyperrealistic sound.

With L‑ISA, you’ll be listening to 24 or even 48 astonishingly clear, professional-grade loudspeakers that deliver more power than a live concert, but it’s the sense of being at the event which will astound you – our L‑ISA technology will give you an immersive experience that even goes beyond what a live concert can achieve.


To deliver the immersive, hyperrealistic sound that is their hallmark, all L‑ISA certified solutions offer eighteen main channels, a bass channel and up to five overhead channels; only the type and number of speakers vary according to the size of the installation.

The geometric configuration of the speakers is precisely designed to focus directly on the listener and to ensure that sounds transition smoothly from speaker to speaker, while the speakers themselves are professional-grade units that have been upgraded to the L‑ISA signature standard. All the components of our solutions meet our tightest tolerance criteria, and have undergone additional processes during manufacturing to guarantee an extended lifetime.

Our L-ISA Sound Art solutions are compatible with all of your favourite media, including streaming services, CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays and gaming consoles – but to make the most of the sonic transparency of the system, you‘ll also want to listen to Bubbles, the ultimate high-definition music medium, on the proprietary Bubble Deck.

It’s the experience that an L‑ISA Sound Art solution offers you that is the defining difference: with 24 channels around you, L‑ISA technology puts you in the center of the music. Thanks to Bubbles, you’ll hear sounds you haven’t noticed before, with a level of natural detail you won’t have ever experienced – but what’s more, each sound will be in its natural place, whether it’s in front of you, behind you or even overhead, thanks to the capabilities of the multichannel L‑ISA Player.


One part visionary art project, one part technological masterwork, Island houses one ton of professional-grade hardware in a sleek casing handmade in eastern France to create the ultimate private auditorium. Up to 23 loudspeakers and two sub-woofers reproduce the full 140 dB dynamic range of a live concert and yet Island only requires power and a network connection to be ready for action. Even acoustic room treatments are kept to a minimum. No additional infrastructure, no fuss, just pure music.

Island is also supremely flexible: its interior can hold a sofa, a mattress or even a desk. As a final touch, the whole installation rotates through 360° at the touch of a button as your needs change through the day.


Ocean is our solution for the modern incarnation of a 19th century music salon, a room dedicated to entertainment. With the sound of the crowd behind you and the voices and instruments clearly defined around you thanks to Bubbles and the Blu 23.1 standard, it’s like being on stage with the performers.

Depending on the size and configuration of the space, Ocean uses from a minimum of 20 up to 50 speakers locations to create an ultra-high-tech multichannel auditorium, with the speakers positioned around the perimeter of the space. The sound design is tailored to your needs utilising the same proprietary Soundvision software we use for pop and classical concerts, nightclubs, opera houses and sports arenas, while the speakers themselves vary in size depending on the environment; each of them draws on 1000 watts per channel.

However, despite its phenomenal power, the Ocean installation is unobtrusive: the speakers can be recessed into the walls and / or color-matched to the interior design.

Ocean will make the most of a quiet evening or a party for hundreds and, in addition to playing Bubbles and any other modern media, it can also be connected to a live performance system.

The Interior Design

L‑ISA solutions are created to complement your interiors, rather than to compete with them. Understated and unobtrusive in their details, they will survive changes in fashion and become statements in timeless elegance. From the sleekly beautiful Island to the sinuous curve of the Syva speakers that are often chosen for Ocean, each item may be customized in terms of color and, in some cases, in terms of fabric finishes too.


The Integration

Each product in the L‑ISA stable reaches or exceeds modern technical and communication standards and is designed to work with your automation systems. All systems connect to streaming services, CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays and gaming consoles, as well as to Bubbles. In addition, Island requires no additional infrastructure but can simply be plugged in.


To make the most of an ultra-high definition system, you need ultra-high definition music. L‑ISA has therefore partnered with the BluBubbles music label to create the Bubble, the highest-definition medium available.

Mixed in L‑Acoustics’ L‑ISA Labs on the Blu 23.1 format, the 24-bit audio of the Bubble is sampled at 96 kHz and sets the standard for ultra-high definition music. In their efforts to achieve absolute authenticity, BluBubbles specify the exact microphone positions during recording and insist that the content of each Bubble remains uncompressed from recording to mixing to playback.

The final arrangement, whether recorded live or in the studio, is astonishingly accurate and breath-taking in its richness. Each Bubble is numbered and presented in a collector’s case with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.

Buy Bubbles from our gallery or commission artists to create new Bubbles as part of your private collection.


Thanks to L‑Acoustics’ heritage in the Live music industry, the BluBubbles gallery creates a link between artists and music lovers to create musical masterpieces based on the Blu 23.1 format.

The gallery presents artists, bands and orchestras from different musical genres who have recently been on tour. Some of them are keen to produce limited editions of their live performances, that are remixed for the BluBubbles label. Other artists choose to produce dedicated pieces as one unique artistic piece.

Artist commissioning is an element of the BluBubbles mission that consists of elevating the quality of listening to its highest level, as well as bringing the experience of musical art to the home.

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