Live Sound

L‑ISA technology enables artists and productions to deliver new multidimensional sound experiences to audiences of all sizes, heightening the sense of proximity and deepening connections between artist and audience.

The technology offers a new creative palette to artists and their teams. Whether seeking expansive realism or unbridled imagination, the sonic possibilities are unprecedented and infinite.

Hyperreal Sound

L‑ISA dramatically increases loudspeaker resolution to provide a natural and intelligible soundscape that expands panorama and elevates realism. We call this experience Hyperreal Sound.

Immersive Hyperreal Sound

L‑ISA can immerse the listener with sound from all directions to provide a sense of being inside the music. This is Immersive Hyperreal Sound.

Mixing Workflow

Efficient, streamlined, powerful object-based mixing empowers L‑ISA mixing engineers with unprecedented creative sonic possibilities.

Live Featured Projects

L‑ISA has been used from small productions to major international tours, with an unmatched sonic experience for audiences ranging from 100 to 20,000.