Sound Spaces

The Ultimate Expression of Sound.

At the heart of L‑ISA technology lies the conviction that music is a multidimensional art form that can be captured and reproduced in a way that authentically preserves all the subtleties and dynamics of outstanding performances.

Hear exactly what the artist intended. Perceive the acoustic landscape in a musical arrangement that teems with detail. It breathes, it pulsates, it lives, giving the musical creation an unforgettable signature and enveloping the listener in the music, the moment, and the emotion.


BluBubbles, in partnership with L‑ISA Labs, caters to talent and discerning music collectors alike by providing curation and production services of exemplary multichannel recordings. BluBubbles accompanies artists in creating content in the only medium that can reproduce their works in a truly lossless, ultra-high-resolution format, that meets—and even exceeds—the limits of human hearing. Music collectors can turn to BluBubbles for premium, limited edition recordings and content curation.

BluSpace Standard

BluBubbles partnered with L‑ISA engineers to develop a truly authentic recording and playback standard. BluSpace represents the culmination of three decades of research, experience, and vision. This multichannel technology revisits the fundamentals of musical reproduction by specifying identical conditions for recording and playback, elevating immersive sound to unprecedented levels of hyperrealism.

L-ISA Playback Solutions

The L‑ISA team has also partnered with L‑Acoustics to develop a range of playback solutions that empower the experience of BluBubbles. L‑Acoustics has forged a path of pioneering products and technologies to become the world’s leading manufacturer of premium professional loudspeaker systems and is proud to now introduce a range of exclusive playback solutions for exclusive installations.

Featured Projects

L‑ISA has been deployed in discerning galleries and residences around the world.