Create new experiences of artistic intimacy and sonic immersion through L‑ISA multidimensional sound.

L‑ISA technology opens new sonic worlds to artists and productions, for audiences of all sizes, powered by L‑Acoustics professional loudspeaker systems.


From advanced system design to object-based mixing tools, the unique system approach of L-ISA guarantees the best results at every stage of an immersive production.


In combination with Soundvision, an advanced speaker system design program, L‑ISA provides audio professionals with revolutionary object-based processing tools that are easy to integrate with modern productions.


L-ISA mixing and control tools are designed by some of the world’s best sound engineers to ensure an efficient workflow for studios and live venues.

Creative Ecosystem

Major technology providers have partnered with L‑Acoustics to unleash the potential of Immersive Hyperreal Sound.

From tracking systems to mixing consoles, to video processing servers or games engines, L‑ISA can provide a seamless creative workflow.