Creative Ecosystem

The L-ISA ecosystem is a rapidly expanding universe of high-profile partners who have adopted the technology. Sound professionals can use L-ISA in environments that they already know, from digital audio workstations, to mixing consoles, or tracking systems.

Mixing Consoles

L-ISA compatible mixing consoles provide full control of L-ISA parameters in a familiar environment.

L-ISA DeskLink is available on the DiGiCo SD-range, Yamaha RIVAGE  PM Series and SSL Live Consoles.

L-ISA Control plugin is available on Avid S6L consoles.

Tracking Systems

L-ISA supports the PosiStageNet protocol, and has also natively integrated and certified the following tracking solutions, to allow for automatic source positioning:

Optical-based systems
Radio-based systems
Follow-Spot systems

Show Control

The following Show Control environments can be used in conjunction with the L-ISA Controller software, through advanced OSC integration:

Media Engines

The L-ISA Controller can interface via OSC with a variety of Games and Video engines, in order to create audio-driven visuals, or visual-driven audio, or both.

Digital Audio Workstations

L-ISA can be integrated in any pre-production or post-production setup based around the following Digital Audio Workstations:

Creative Controllers

Create complex real-time behaviors with OSC-capable tools or Frameworks