The L‑ISA Processor is a hardware solution that is exclusively dedicated to spatial audio processing, providing state of the art object-based mixing to the most demanding immersive audio productions. Combining a powerful multi-core architecture with a compact form factor, the L‑ISA Processor is the audio heart of each L‑ISA project.

It offers spatial processing and room simulation for up to 96 audio objects based on speaker positioning information and mixing parameters (pan, width, distance, elevation, aux send) and provides up to 64 audio outputs to L‑Acoustics amplified controllers. The L‑ISA Controller software uniquely and remotely controls the L‑ISA Processor.

Audio Engine specifications

  • up to 96 inputs and 64 outputs
  • up to 96kHz sampling rate, floating point processing engine
  • proprietary object-based spatial processing algorithms
  • real-time rendering of PAN, WIDTH, DISTANCE, ELEVATION and AUX SEND per object
  • Support for 2D / 3D speaker configurations
  • Dedicated usages for SCENE speakers, EXTENSION speakers, SURROUND speakers, HEIGHT/BOTTOM speakers, FILL speakers and SUBS.
  • integrated multichannel 3D room engine, fully configurable
  • automatic downmixes for sub-systems

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State-of-the-art Spatial Processing

The main design goal of L-ISA is to achieve maximum spatial precision and sound quality while preserving the ability to scale to large audiences. None of the existing soundfield algorithms would pass the test with L-Acoustics line source arrays and their legendary impact and clarity.

Extensive research and development efforts including simulation, listening tests, and iterative prototyping yielded results in the form of three proprietary algorithms: full 3D object-based amplitude panning, position-dependent frequency compensation, and spatial spreading with zero-latency decorrelation processing. Objects can be positioned with accurate localization, spatial extension, and timbre.

Download the white-paper on L-ISA panning algorithms

Revolutionary Room Engine

Designed for scalable productions, the L-ISA room engine allows users to naturally re-create different room acoustics within the same venue or show. Also designed explicitly for object-based audio and variable space configurations, the engine uses multi-channel 3D processing to diffuse energy across many loudspeakers, eliminating audible electronic processing.
Its patent-pending design always guarantees the precedence of the direct sound.

Room engine controls are gathered in three categories. Mixing engineers will find known Time and EQ parameters and will be able to shape the Gain and Delay distribution of the diffuse field relatively to objects’ positions, in two robust controls.

Fully Adjustable

Up and Down Mixing

The L‑ISA Processor provides automatic LCR, stereo, and mono downmixes to offer ready to use signals for FILL speaker systems, or compatibility with stereo monitoring systems.

For backward compatibility with traditional stereo mixes/stereo content, an L-Acoustics P1 processor can be added upstream to the L-ISA Processor to provide effective real-time upmix to SCENE and EXTENSION Systems.